Data Collection

We understand that when you use a bot, there’s a certain level of privacy you expect. That is why we provide this information below, to clear up any concerns.

Data We Collect

session ids

What:An MD5 hash of your user ID and the channel ID
When:Glyph is explicitly mentioned via DM or @mention
Where:DialogFlow requests and message logs
Why:Used with DialogFlow to ensure any follow up intents are personalized to you


What:A copy of your message contents, your session ID and what skill Glyph interpreted it to be
When:Glyph is explicitly mentioned via DM or @mention, only
Where:Temporary log on Heroku, logs generally disappear within 24 hours
Why:To make sure Glyph is responding appropriately or see what messages caused an error


What:The server ID and the configuration settings
When:A custom configuration is set by a server admin (deleted when Glyph is removed from the server)
Where:A PostgreSQl database managed by Heroku
Why:To access and store a server’s unique configuration

server info

What:The server name, ID, member count (humans and bots)
When:Glyph is added or removed from a server
Where:A private Discord channel (sent via webhooks)
Why:To see what servers Glyph has been added and removed from and see which servers are considered bot farms

username history

What:The old and new usernames of users
When:A user changes their username
Where:The auditing channel of any server that has Glyph configured to track username changes
Why:So server admins can remember who people are even if they change their name

Data We Don’t Collect

Obviously anything we don’t collect is not listed above but here’s a list of common things we don’t collect.

  • Deleted messages
  • Message edits
  • The username, ID, or discriminator of who sent feedback
  • Audit logs (once they are sent, they are forgotten)
  • Ban reasons
  • Kick reasons